[kaffe] build failing

Thomas Keane tkeane at cs.may.ie
Thu Sep 25 07:48:01 PDT 2003

I'm getting a different error now when I try to run "make check" on the
latest CVS kaffe. Running stable Debian on PA-RISC architecture. Here's
the error:
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/kaffe/libraries/javalib'
rm -rf lib
mkdir lib
/bin/sh ./rebuildLib @essential.files
Compiling classes from  @essential.files  using
/root/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin -verbosegc -mx 256M at.dms.kjc.Main
lt-kaffe-bin: exception.c:308: dispatchException: Assertion
`!intsDisabled()' failed.
./rebuildLib: line 58: 30943 Aborted                 $JAVAC $VERBOSE
make[1]: *** [lib/stamp] Error 134
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/kaffe/libraries/javalib'
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
Any ideas?
Thomas Keane (B.Sc.)
Research Assistant
Research Lab 1,
Department of Computer Science,
NUI Maynooth,
Co. Kildare,
Homepage:  <http://www.cs.may.ie/~tkeane/> http://www.cs.may.ie/~tkeane/
Free Distributed Computing System: http://www.cs.may.ie/distributed
Email:  <mailto:tkeane at cs.may.ie> tkeane at cs.may.ie
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