[kaffe] Odonata runs on Kaffe

jserv@linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw jserv@linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw
Thu Apr 15 00:05:05 2004

Hi all,

  I'd like to provide a dirty hack to get Odonata running on Kaffe.
Since Kaffe's $BOOTCLASSPATH behavior is a bit buggy, I have to use
the direct way to overwrite Kaffe's rt.jar. This is my instructions,
and I do this is useful.

  First, get cvs version of GNU Classpath, and fetch the following

java/awt (and its sub-directories)
javax/swing (and its sub-directories)

  By default, GNU Classpath use flexible way to select peerful imple-
ment, which is not necessarily for this case, so that I just modified
the static String default_toolkit_name field in java/awt/Toolkit.java
with an null String. Now, use jikes to build the above classes.

  Extract Kaffe's rt.jar and odonata.jar, and then copy GNU Classpath's
AWT/Swing clases to overwrite Kaffe's. Finally, make a new jar archive,
named rt.jar, and replace Kaffe's orignal rt.jar with our own.

  That's all. You could now run kaffe uk.co.tangency.odonata.test.Demo,
and use a VNC viewer (TightVNC preferred) to watch.

  Here is my screenshot for Odonata/GNU Classpath running on Kaffe as
VNC backend, and TightVNC Java viewer running on earlier Kaffe:


Everything is Kaffe powered now.

Jim Huang