[kaffe] Next development release planning - 1.1.5

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Fri Apr 2 13:11:02 PST 2004


It's been about 2 months since the last development release - I'd like 
to do another one.

I know some people would prefer to see a goal-based development release 
schedule, as opposed to just releasing every two months.  I'm somewhat 
biased against that, though, just because it's more work for me, and I 
think the schedule would slip.  If we did that, I'd have to switch to a 
mode where we actually planned and scheduled what was going in, and try 
to drive development to meet deadline.  That might be a good idea, but 
it's more work, and it's hard to push free software volunteers to meet 
hard deadlines.  Maybe we can do a little bit more of that while still 
doing timed releases?  That might be possible if somebody wants to step 
forward and volunteer to do some project management.

We need to do a production release sometime, the sooner the better, in 
my opinion.  I haven't formulated a concrete plan for that one yet, though.

So here's my proposal:

How about if we do a feature freeze in three weeks, on Sunday, April 
25th, to be followed by an actual release on Sunday, May 2nd?

(I'd really like to do it a week earlier, but my parents are coming for 
a visit)


  - Jim

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