[kaffe] SwingWT (cvs) now runs on Kaffe!

Arnaud Vandyck arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be
Mon Apr 5 05:50:03 PDT 2004

jserv at linux2.cc.ntu.edu.tw writes:

> Hi all,
>   I am glad to inform the news that I successfully made SwingWT running
> on KaffeVM without modifying any Kaffe's code. Be sure to use cvs
> version of both KaffeVM and SwingWT (I worked on 0.81 PRE-260304), and
> modify the build.xml to use jike as java compiler to ensure correct
> bytecodes. After build process completed, write a script like this:


> jserv at venux:~/expr/SwingWT$ cat run-demo 
> #!/bin/sh
> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`/lib/linux_gtk2:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> /opt/bin/kaffe -cp lib/linux_gtk2/swt-mozilla.jar:lib/linux_gtk2/swt.jar:lib/linux_gtk2/swt-pi.jar:lib/swingwt.jar \
>         -Xss 128M \
>         demo.Everything
> Notice that Kaffe must run with the runtime flag -Xss 128M to ensure enough 
> JNI stack for running SwingWT. I took some screenshots:
>   http://jserv.sayya.org/kaffe/screenshots/swingwt-demo.png
>   http://jserv.sayya.org/kaffe/screenshots/swingwt-set.png
>   http://jserv.sayya.org/kaffe/screenshots/swingwt-set2.png
>   http://jserv.sayya.org/kaffe/screenshots/swingwt-mdi.png

Many thanks for your tests and screenshots!

Dalibor, what about integrating swingwt in kaffe as an option in
compilation? ;-)


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I'm personally quite happy with one stable release every two years, and
am of the opinion that trying to release more will mean we'll have to
rename the distro from "stable" to "wobbly".
		-- Scott James Remnant on debian-devel

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