[kaffe] Is kaffe the "home" of KJC now?

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Mon Apr 5 05:54:03 PDT 2004

Dalibor Topic wrote:
> Kaffe's version is .. uh .. slightly forked atm, due to no official 
> releases from kjc developers for some time and some unfortunate 
> miscommunication between them and me.

Do you plan on keeping Kaffe's KJC maintained as a separate fork, or 
just letting it sit "as is"? For example, do you think there's any 
chance that in the future Kaffe's KJC will get the new 1.5 language 
features? Or is it more likely that Kaffe will simply adopt the 
"official" KJC at some point in the future?

> Ito reported success with janino, a small, embeddable Java compiler 
> available here http://www.janino.net/

The statement on Janino's homepage that it intentionally "partially 
sacrifices completeness" means it probably isn't appropriate for my 
needs. The list of missing features is pretty short but some of them are 
fairly significant, such as the lack of support for access$xxx methods 
(from JDK1.1!).

> So I don't think external changes to KJC have a great chance of showing 
> up in the original version unless they are rock solid for what DMS does, 
> and as they have a business depending on it, I doubt they'll take a 
> chance. The kjc developer mailing lists are very silent, except for the 
> ocassional bug report.

How about Kaffe? Is there a chance that Kaffe would accept patches to 
KJC? (I'm intentionally being vague as to what the patches would 
actually do - I've learnt that I can't always sustain the motivation to 
follow through on ideas that I start, so I'm trying to avoid setting up 
any expectations, especially the kind that might show up in a google 

Thanks for the info!


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