[kaffe] warning hunt

Adam Heath doogie at debian.org
Mon Apr 5 10:13:02 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Nektarios K. Papadopoulos wrote:

> Wishing to participate in the 'warning hunt', I tracked down some
> warnings. (cvs diff -u attached)

Great, I'll look at the patch in a moment.  Fixing warnings is a great way to
get your hands dirty on the code, learning how it works.

> But I am not sure about how to be positive that I am not breaking anything.
> For the moment I just do `make check` on my current configuration [3].
> Only 'BeanBug' fails which is normal since I don't have awt

That's what I do as well.  As long as I don't introduce any more breakages,
I'm happy.

> BTW scripts/sort-warnings.pl warning count:
> before: Total Errors: 1493
> after : Total Errors: 1388

It'd be nice if you used gcc 3.3, as it outputs many more warnings.  Using
anything before this, might output warnings that the script doesn't check for,
and might not output warnings that are actual problems.

> P.S. Sorry for not providing a ChangeLog entry as requested, but I am
> not sure in what format you want it (please advise)

It's not super important; we can do it up ourselves.  Any patches you send,
you'll get credit for, however.

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