[kaffe] kjc embedded in kaffe-1.1.4

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Tue Apr 6 05:44:01 PDT 2004

Hi Bill,

wlarip wrote:
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> Please feel free to redirect me to another forum if this posting is 
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You're right on spot here for kaffe's kjc :)

> I have been attempting to compile the Kopi-2.1B suite using kaffe's kjc in 
> lieu of jikes.  jikes 1.16 seems to have an assertion error based on the 
> absence of some expected byte code generation.

I'd recommend giving jikes 1.19 a go. I've had lots of propblems with 
jikes releases between 1.13 and 1.18 for building the class library, or 
with our test suite.

> kjc seems to progress well through the suite until it attempts to use jvm 
> initiated jflex-1.4 to generate a scanner entitled KjcScanner.java.  In the 
> process of the source generation, it complains of unreachable ASSERT tokens 
> but completes normally.  The source is foobar and the compile fails.

Could you try to create some short example that triggers the bug? Our 
kaffe-extras build of kaffe-1.1.4+ant-1.6.1+patched-kjc-2.1B uses jikes 
1.19, afaik, without problems.

> I have gotten the impression from list lurking that kaffe's kjc and dms's may 
> have some significant differences.  Is this so? if so, what are they?  

Yes, kaffe's kjc is dms' kjc 2.1B with a few patches. The patches are 
available here: 
http://www.kaffe.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/kaffe-extras/patches/ . They 
are mostly local bugfixes that haven't made it upstream (yet), but may 
not be as well tested as dms' source code.

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