[kaffe] Newbie Problem on OpenBSD 3.4

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Apr 6 05:47:02 PDT 2004

Hi Greg,

good to hear from you!

Greg Wooledge wrote:
> Dalibor Topic (robilad at kaffe.org) wrote:
>>Kaffe 1.0.7 had some problems wrt libtool on i386-openbsd [1]. You could 
>>give kaffe 1.1.4 a spin, it should be better in that respect, since it 
>>uses a newer libtool, with our OpenBSD patches merged in. :)
> OpenBSD on i386 used a.out in versions 3.3 and earlier.  But the person
> who started this thread is using 3.4, which is ELF-based on i386.
> This removes most if not all of the libtool weirdness.
> I'd suggest using kaffe for running the java bytecode, and jikes for
> compiling it, assuming he can get jikes working properly.  (When I was
> running Freenet on Kaffe on OpenBSD, I was either using pre-built Freenet
> .jar files, or building them with jikes on Linux.  I stopped for multiple
> reasons, the first of which was the extensive use of non-blocking I/O
> in Freenet, which Kaffe didn't support at the time.  Not sure what its
> status is at the moment.)

Michael Koch & gcj developers have been hacking on improving NIO 
support. There is a big patch from Michael on the classpath list, I hope 
that we'll be able to merge it into kaffe soon after it goes into GNU 

There has been gradual progress on freenet, I've met Matthew in person 
in Brussels [1], and he's tracking kaffe's NIO progress. When it's 
working again, I'll make sure that it's announced on the freenet lists.

dalibor topic

[1] And we meet regularly on #freenet on irc.freenode.org

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