[kaffe] Is kaffe the "home" of KJC now?

Stuart Ballard sballard at netreach.com
Tue Apr 6 07:11:09 PDT 2004

Guilhem Lavaux wrote:
> I'm currently trying to merge our own KJC patches/codebase with Kjc's 
> cvs from dms. They don't seem to have implemented many more features for 
> the moment but mainly fixed some issues added support for deprecation. 
> Once the merging is finished, I'll send some patches to kjc's developers 
> hoping they'll accept them (as they fix some critical bugs). I'll make 
> an announce when it is finished.

Cool :)

> By the way, maybe we should open a parallel CVS tree for kjc as it 
> begins to be quite a mess with all patches.

You said it :) I'm not having any luck yet getting the patching system 
to work at all :(

I tried running the ant-bootstrap.sh script from a clean CVS checkout of 
kaffe-extras, and it claimed to succeed, but after that, ant.sh still 
fails claiming it can't find org.apache.tools.ant.launch.Launcher. A 
little digging suggests it expects to find this in an ant-launcher.jar 
in the install/lib directory, but no such jar exists (only ant.jar, and 
renaming that to ant-launcher.jar doesn't make any difference).

So after all that I still don't have a copy of Kaffe's version of KJC's 

> Patches are surely welcome !

Cool! Thanks for the info :)


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