[kaffe] Static Bootable Kaffe

Gaurav Ganeriwal ganeriwalgaurav at rediffmail.com
Wed Apr 7 23:55:03 PDT 2004

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Dear All,

I am trying to make a static bootable kaffe for i386.

For making it a Static Machine i used 

./configure  --with-engine=jit3 --disable-debug --disable-xprofiling 
--disable-xdebugging --disable-feedback --without-profiling --without-x 
--without-stats --disable-gcj --disable-mips2 --with-awt=no 
--without-alsa --without-esd --disable-sound --without-dmalloc 
--prefix=/tmp/kaffe/ --enable-ltdl-convenience --disable-shared 
--with-staticvm --with-staticbin --disable-static --with-staticlib

With this kaffe-bin is 3MB so i think VM is static.

But, How can i make it a bootable kaffe? By bootable i mean whenever my system starts instead of init process kaffe should start.

Thanks & Regards,
Gaurav Ganeriwal

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