[kaffe] Bug Report

DavidMatthews dmatthews at mailc.net
Fri Apr 9 05:50:02 PDT 2004

There is a bug in the Calendar class, including ver 1.1.4.

When my system is set to BST it thinks its on GMT + 6
Everything is fine in winter when the system is on GMT

Here is a work around I have used in Pooter:-

			SimpleTimeZone stz = new SimpleTimeZone(3600000, "hacked");
			cal = Calendar.getInstance(stz);
else{cal = Calendar.getInstance();}

Not ideal as I have to have a check box for the user to indicate s/he is on 
You can illustrate the problem with a calls to Calendar.get(10) and .get(9) 
which returns correct time when not on BST but is 5 hours infront in summer.
( .get(9) is the flag for am = 0 and pm = 1)

David Matthews dmatthews at mailc.net

ps new version of Pooter (2.0) will be at sourceforge soon, with multiuser 
installation and internationalisation support.

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