[kaffe] OpenBSD/68k gcc problems

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Thu Apr 15 10:23:03 PDT 2004

Ciao Riccardo,

Riccardo wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to make some progress on OpenBSD/68k, by slowly updating m68k/openbsd2/jit.h to m68k/jit.h. This seemed to give some nice results, yesterday. But I was missing compare&excahneg which is defined in common.h. So I added that include to openbsd2/md.h as in other target is done.
> The result is a sig-bus in gcc!

Thanks a lot for testing Kaffe so persistently on a great number of 

That's probably a problem in gcc for openbsd-68k, then. In any case, I'd 
  recommend against adding material to m68k/openbsd2/jit.h. I'd prefer 
to see it reduced to nothing, like Kiyo did for m68k/netbsd1/jit.h a few 
years ago. See 
for details. I've CC:ed Kiyo, maybe he can remeber the details of the 
transition to a common m68k jit.h file.

For example, the openbsd m68k port seems to use CALL_KAFFE_FUNCTION 
which is only used by the i386 dgux port, and nowhere else in the code. 
that seems like, uh, some abandoned interface.

> ./../../../kaffe/libraries/clib/native/NativeLibrary.c:91: warning: declaration of `index' shadows global declaration
> ./../../../kaffe/libraries/clib/native/NativeLibrary.c: In function `java_lang_NativeLibrary_unlinkLibrary':
> ./../../../kaffe/libraries/clib/native/NativeLibrary.c:92: warning: declaration of `index' shadows global declaration
> gcc: Internal compiler error: program as got fatal signal 10
> gmake[2]: *** [NativeLibrary.lo] Error 1

Hmm, you could also try building without optimization, with CFLAGS=-O0, 
to a) make the build faster, and b) make it easier on the compiler :)

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