[kaffe] Bug report: Property user.language no longer exists

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at mail.hidec.co.jp
Mon Apr 19 22:08:04 PDT 2004


In message "[kaffe] Bug report:  Property user.language no longer exists"
    on 04/04/19, Alan Eliasen <eliasen at mindspring.com> writes:

>    When testing the current kaffe CVS trunk, the system propery
> "user.language" is no longer defined (it was defined in version 1.1.4, so this
> may be considered a regression.)  This affects the ability of
> internationalized Java applications to detect the language they should use for
> output.

The system property "user.language" as well as "user.region" and
"user.timezone" were deleted when libraries/clib/native/System.c
was changed to Revision 1.43.

I think these properties should be given at run time rather than
be defined at compile time.  So deletion of these properties
is resonable.

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