[kaffe] Bug Report: BigInteger.toString() fails for large numbers

Ito Kazumitsu ito.kazumitsu at mail.hidec.co.jp
Tue Apr 20 01:03:02 PDT 2004

In message "Re: [kaffe] Bug Report: BigInteger.toString() fails for large numbers"
    on 04/04/20, Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem at kaffe.org> writes:

> Thanks for the excellent bug report. I fear this is the return of the
> GCTest regression failure. After having passed the code through gdb it
> seems kaffe hangs in getHeavyLock while trying to do some garbage
> collection. The most interresting is that we have a pointer for
> lk->holder which is beyond stack limits. So there is definitely
> something wrong here.

I am afraid the change of kaffe/kaffevm/locks.c to Revision 1.48
did something wrong.

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