[kaffe] Re: inlining sysdepCallMethod for m68k-linux

Nathan Carl Summers rock at gimp.org
Thu Apr 22 11:54:02 PDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Kiyo Inaba wrote:

> Riccardo wrotes:
> But, the real concern for me is which version of environment we can
> support. In general, if we make more CPU/OS (with different versions)
> supported, the usefulness of kaffe becomes bigger, but of course we
> need not to be so strong-headed of this issue. This specific case is
> one of these tradeoffs, if inlining with alloca works with newer
> versions of gcc.

Of course, you can always use some sort of #ifdef to make it work with the
older compilier while taking advantage of the inlining with the newer

On the other hand, changing a macro with alloca in it to an inline
function is probably not what you want.  It seems to me like the whether
the alloca'd memory would be deallocated when the inline function returns
is a quite ambigous case, and almost certainly buggy when the optimization
flags aren't set to enable inlining.


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