[kaffe] Upgraded to automake 1.8.4

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Apr 26 10:22:07 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I've pulled kaffe up to use automake 1.8.4. I've adapted the config.sub 
patch accordingly so that it applies to both config.sub files again.

That should fix the libltdl time stamp problems again, and liberate you 
from needing automake 1.8.4 to build kaffe. Sorry for that inconveniece, 
it took a while to track down. It turned out to be due to the config.sub 
superh patch no longer applying to the more up-to-date config.sub used 
in libltdl.

On a side note, automake 1.8.4 release notes have the following to say:

Known issue not fixed in 1.8.4:

   Historically Automake has always tried to generate V7 format
   tarballs during `make dist'.  This format is quite antiquated, but
   is portable.  It supports filenames with up to 99 characters.  When
   given longer filenames some tar implementations will diagnose the
   problem while other will generate broken or non-V7 tarballs.  For
   instance GNU tar 1.13.25 will produce an archive with GNU
   extensions, while the latest GNU tar beta (1.13.93) will silently
   truncate filenames.

   Automake 1.9 will have options to select newer tar formats, and
   diagnose long filenames.  In the meantime we recommand that people
   who cannot avoid long filenames in their packages stick to GNU tar

so I'm waiting for automake 1.9 for some improved long-filenames-in-tar 
support, since some filenames in kaffe are long enough to break on 
non-gnu tars.

dalibor topic

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