[kaffe] How to install kaffe on the Debian Linux - ARM

Ming Chen chenm at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed Apr 28 15:29:01 PDT 2004


I am Ming Chen. I am trying to use Kaffe as the host java compiler for the
Jikes compiler.

Following the guide of "The Jikes Research Virtual Machine User's Guide Post
2.3.2", I tried to install the Kaffe 1.1.4 on the Debian Linux
(http://www.chocky.org/linux/), but failed.

The error message is as following:
Run: ./configure
checking build system type... armv5l-unknown-linux-gnu
checking host system type... armv5l-unknown-linux-gnu
configure: error: Configuration armv5l-linux not supported

Is Kaffe only support strong ARM insteads of ARMv51?

Are there some way I can install kaffe on the Bebian Linux?


Yours Ming.

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