[kaffe] Plans (updated)

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 3 11:08:13 PDT 2004

Guilhem Lavaux wrote:

> Hi,
> Here are my updated plans, in order of priority:
> * Fix problems which arise on the various architectures as they 
> appear. ;)
OpenBSD/m68k is on the way... rewriting sysdepCallMethod using the GNU 
as syntax.

> * Make the Boehm-Weiser GC to work properly. For the moment there are 
> a number of issues which causes the core VM to get SIGSEGV. The object 
> marking needs also to be adapted to the GC's marking interface.
This is mostly done now. The GC is working near perfection. However 
sometimes a deadlock happens. I guess it is always in the Invoke/Signal 
procedure but I don't know for the moment how I can improve it. Maybe 
I'll move some of the improvements which prevents usual deadlocks to the 
standard GC. Apart from that all regression tests are able to pass if no 
deadlocks happens. If somebody has an idea...

> * Test Freenet/NIO with kaffe and try to make Freenet work on kaffe.
> [and/or]
> * Implement a locale data generator from LDML database.
I start these two points now.



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