[kaffe] A question about "JNI_OnLoad"

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Tue Aug 10 09:11:20 PDT 2004

embstudy at eyou.com wrote:

>Hello Guilhem
>Today, I tried to crosscompiled gdb-5.3 successfully.  :0)
>But I am in fact a tyro to gdb, and I don't know how to figure out
>the precise point of the NPE.
>Maybe you could give me some suggestions?
>I just do what I can :)
>I started the qtopia and opened the embeddedkonsole,
>where I did as this:
># export KAFFE_DEBUG=gdb
># javac

ok. :)

>I can deduced nothing useful for me from the above info. And I think it didn't
>disclosed the fact precisely.
>BTW(By the way), I didn't enable the xdebugging in this compiled version of
>kaffe for the sake of some compiled errors. Is that necessary for me?
>Waiting for your help... :P)
This SIGSEGV is normal: it happens when we guess the stack boundaries 
and is caught by kaffe. You can write "continue" in gdb the next SIGSEGV 
is the right one. :)

Thank you for keeping trying to debug kaffe.



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