[kaffe] KJC is failing or other error?

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sun Aug 15 11:04:10 PDT 2004


I was compiling today's CVS on darwin6 and I got:

[ parsed org/xml/sax/helpers/XMLReaderFactory.java in 1,577 ms ]
[ checked modifiers in 11,795 ms ]
javax/swing/JDesktopPane.java:87: error:Cannot find class 
"AccessibleJComponent" [JLS 8]
make[3]: *** [lib/stamp] Error 1

is this a KJC error? I tried compiling using JIKES and it gives me many 
cautions and warnings and at the end it fails with

Found 1 semantic error compiling "org/metastatic/jessie/

   123.             password.setEchoChar(current.isEchoOn() ? 0 : '*');
*** Error: No match was found for method "setEchoChar(int)".

so something must be broken...



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