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Jari Korva jpkorva at iki.fi
Mon Aug 16 00:19:01 PDT 2004


Could you please let me know which configuration, compiler and Kaffe
version you used for XScale. I've been trying to build Kaffe for both
armv5l and armv5b without success - for big endian XScale the build fails
and on a "regular" arm box HelloWorld gives a SIGSEGV.


On Sat, 14 Aug 2004 embstudy at eyou.com wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Up to now, I have been trying to port Kaffe to my Qt-bakend arm-xscale box for
> more than a month. Though I had successfully made the plain text Helloworld
> work(s) fine, however the AWT never jump out. I don't know how to describe my
> mind now, maybe a bit frustrated, or a little bit sorrow, but I don't regret
> chosing kaffe. I believe kaffe will work for me maybe today or tommorrow.And a
> lot of thanks to the guys who is devoting or devoted or will devote to kaffe.
> Kaffe is really perfect!
> About the Qtopia - Java Integration, there is a doc from trolltech.
> http://doc.trolltech.com/qtopia2.0/html/javaintegration.html
> And now I am a little bit dault about that why I chose qt-2.3.7 but not
> qtopia-1.7 as my QTDIR while crosscompiling kaffe. Anybody could shed some
> light on me?
> And where are you guys using qt-awt successfully running your programs in?
> In the qtopia or not?? Or just test them on your PCs??
> cheers,
> saw
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