[kaffe] Triggering GC(thread assertion error)

sita tangirala_madhu at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 16 10:22:56 PDT 2004

  I was trying to trigger GC(garbage collection) in kaffe. As a part of this I added these lines in gc-mem.c
size_t count;(global variable) /*added by sita*/
gc_heap_malloc(size_t sz)
/*added by sita*/
count = count + sz;
 if (count>100000) /* this means if the size of the objects created in the heap exceeds>*/
     goto nospace;/*>100000, I want to call Garbage collector and free some of them*/
/*added by Sita*/
printf("I'm triggering GC\n");
When I do the make install with the above code, it installs fine. But when I run a sample program, after a while I get the following error:
I'm triggering GC
I'm triggering GC
I'm triggering GC
I'm triggering GC

kaffe-bin: jthread.c:1204: jthread_enable_stop: Assertion `currentJThread->stopCounter >= 0' failed

Could anyone please help with the error . Any help with this is highly appreciated.

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