[kaffe] To everyone use QT-bakend

Jari Korva jpkorva at iki.fi
Thu Aug 19 07:01:36 PDT 2004

>      I am now using the CVS head, arm-linux-gcc-3.2.1, and my configuration
> is
> CFLAGS="-D__XSCALE__" NM=arm-linux-nm AR=arm-linux-ar CC=arm-linux-gcc
> ./configure --enable-debug --with-engine=intrp --enable-xscale
> --host=arm-linux --build=i686-linux --enable-pure-java-math
> KAFFEH=/supper/nativ/bin/kaffeh --with-threads=unix-pthreads
> --prefix=/cvs/xscale --with-awt=qt --without-kaffe-x-awt
> --without-classpath-gtk-awt --without-esd --with-qtdir=$QTDIR
> --with-jikes=yes

Thanks! I was trying to use jit which obviously doesn't work. I also
managed to build Kaffe for armv5b by using libffi for sysdepCallMethod.

- Jari

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