[kaffe] kaffe thread system(unix-jthreads & unix-pthreads)

sita tangirala_madhu at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 17:57:24 PDT 2004


 Say my java program creates 10 threads.

How are java threads are mapped in case of

In case of unix-pthreads, I know that the java thread
is mapped to a native thread.

when I type ps -ef | grep kaffe (using unix-pthreads),
I can see more than one process id.
(each thread is a process by the name pthread?)

But in case of unix-jthreads, I don't see anything of
that sort. Does kaffe maintain any internal thread?
I just see something called jthread.

when I type ps -ef | grep kaffe (using unix-jthreads),
I see only one process id.(Why?)

Can anyone please let me know the difference between
both and how they are mapped.


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