[kaffe] printing to a file in kaffe

sita tangirala_madhu at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 21:21:22 PDT 2004

  I'm actually trying to profile kaffe. In this process, I'm printing some arguments to a file.
Say for example If I have a function called gcmalloc in kaffe, I put a hook as follows:
extern FILE *outfp; //outfp points to my trace file 
fprintf(outfp,"%p %d\n",mem,sz);
I expect the trace file to be in a fixed format something like this:
0x1234 22
0x2345 34
But I see something like
0x1234 220x2345 34
I used fflush(outfp) but I really cannot print something to a file in the format that I want.
The format is really important for my analysis. Can anyone please help me with this and let me know how to print to a file in the format that I want in kaffe.

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