[kaffe] Re: armv5b regression tests

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 25 06:45:13 PDT 2004

Jari Korva wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jari,

thank you very much for the effort you put into it.

> I built sed, diffutils, grep and textutils for by device now (busybox
> versions did not work), modified TestScript so that it
> runs the classes from a jar (to work around the bug) and then executed
> "./TestScript *.java" against cvs version from 2004-08-16.  Afterwards I
> found these .fails:

Lots of problems with doubles and floats, I see. I think Grzegorz 
observed double/float representation issues with libffi & arm using 
SableVM, too.

> You can get all the fails and outs from:
> http://princess.willab.fi/~jko/kaffe-armv5b-regression.tar.gz

Thank you very much. I'm toying with skyeye at the moment to get an arm 
emulator enviroment set up, since qemu's arm emulation didn't work very 
well for my attempts and then I hope to be able to look into it in more 

On a side note, I think the idea to wrap the tests up in a test.jar 
file, is quite good for a few reasons:

a) It avoids the kjc compilation step for the tests. That can take a 
while on a platform with a slow CPU and just the interpreter engine.

b) It avoids bugs in the underlying platform's port of kaffe creeping 
into the class files generated by kjc for the regression tests.

c) It would make remote testing simpler.

So, I'd be interested in your patch to TestScript ;)

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