[kaffe] Cross compilation failure and patch

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 25 14:02:16 PDT 2004

Kiyo Inaba wrote:
> Hi,
> I forgot to submit one more bug report.

Hi Kiyo,

thanks for the bug report.

> If we cross compile with the latest kaffe, it failes to detect GNU C
> library version number and got
>     checking the GNU C library version number... configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling

Yep. Fixed in the CVS, by

2004-08-21  Dalibor Topic  <robilad at kaffe.org>

         * m4/glibcver.m4:
         Fixed for cross compilation.

         * configure.ac:
         Adapted check for glibc old threads.

         * configure,

         Reported by: Guilhem Lavaux <guilhem at kaffe.org>

Could you check if that fixes it for NetBSD, too? I don't have a 
crosscompiler toolchain for NetBSD atm, but it builds fine for me when 
cross-compiling for i686-linux.

> BTW, sooner or later, we need to change the directory name from 'netbsd1'
> to 'netbsd' to avoid confusion.

We could make it mean netbsd1 and above ;)

dalibor topic

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