[kaffe] JIT3 def files and instruction reuse

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Aug 29 23:28:19 PDT 2004

Hi Michael,

Michael Franz wrote:
>Sorry, I am looking at the PowerPC JIT3 from the JanOSVM (based on
>kaffe).  Does this mean other processors treat references and other
>types differently?  And there is no reuse for JIT instructions?  If I
>have to define the instruction as HAVE_add_ref addr_RRR is there a way
>to use the add_RRR instruction, or do I have to define addr_RRR and
>just remember to update both versions when there are

I am sorry that I forget you are now tackling PowerPC port (the
activity may benefits so many people, I hope). Since I am in travel
right now, I write this mail based on my memory.

As far as I remember, m68k should be the only CPU which differentiate
'address register' and 'data register' in kaffe port. The difference
makes some instruction only be used for reference with address
register. This is the reason why jit definition treats addition of
reference differently.

If powerpc does not have strict differentiation in registers, just
define both to same, and forget the warning, for the time being.

This kind of difficulties to understand in kaffe comes from the nature
of 'NetBSD of java virtual machines (copyrighted by Dalibor ;->)' and
sometimes dull for some specific ports.


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