[kaffe] pthread issues

Peter Naulls peter at chocky.org
Wed Dec 1 15:28:03 PST 2004

[CCs at Dilabor's suggestion]

I'm trying to debug threading issues in my port of Kaffe to RISC OS.
Chances are, the problem is in our pthread/C library implementation,
since it hasn't been used terribly widely.

Please don't suggest I use jthreads, as it needs some work to even
compile for RISC OS.  Please also try not to make assumptions about RISC
OS - it is a long way from POSIX, although much of that is hidden by our
Unix compatibility library.

Running an empty program/hello world results in the C library detecting
a deadlock after the program completes.

Using -vmdebug JTHREAD on the same programs results in Kaffe itself
detecting a deadlock very early on. e.g.:

  kaffe -vmdebug JTHREAD simple initialized
  create first  0x90ebd034 [tid:1c3080, java:0x0]
  create new  0x90ff5c34 [tid:   0, java:0x8c6850]
  calling user func of:  0x90ff5c34 [tid:90eb7cb0, java:0x8c6850], stack [0x8b1f90..0x0..0x8c1f90], state: a  
  ======================== thread dump =========================
  thread list lock owner: 0x90ebd034
  create new  0x90ff5f34 [tid:   0, java:0x8c6850]
  calling user func of:  0x90ff5f34 [tid:913bd060, java:0x8c6850], stack [0x8bef98..0x0..0x8c2f98], state: a  
  exit  0x90ebd034 [tid:1c3080, java:0x90f663b8]
  exit with 1 non daemons (0)
  exit on last nonDaemon

I'm basically after suggestions as to where to start looking for
problems, or where I can start inserting debug in Kaffe to look for

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