[kaffe] lots and new failures on sparc/pthread/solaris

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Sun Dec 5 13:55:45 PST 2004


on my SMP sparc, solaris, pthread, jit...

3 new failures...(+ random GCTest). Truly a lot. And the path bug 
presits (common root thing)

5 December 2004 13 regressions fail (pthreads, jit): Alias.fail                   
SecureRandomTest.fail CLTestConc.fail              
SerialPersistentFields.fail GCTest.fail                  SerialUID.fail
HashTest.fail                TestSerialPersistent.fail
NetworkInterfaceTest.fail    TestSerializable2.fail Preempt.fail                 
ThreadState.fail ProcessClassInst.fail
 the new ones: Preempt.fail :
Timeout - 300 seconds - killed thread 0 thread 1 thread 2 thread 3
thread 4
 ProcessClassInst.fail: Assertion failed: blk->free != 0, file /
export/home0/kaffe_nfs/kaffe_cvs/kaffe/k affe/kaffevm/kaffe-gc/gc-mem.c, 
line 382
 ThreadState.fail: Success. Success. Success. Success. Success.
Success. Time out.  Failure.
 SecureRandomTest fails for the infamous 
path bug: > more SecureRandomTest.fail WARNING: could not properly read 
security provider files:

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