[kaffe] doubt in JNI

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Dec 12 13:16:29 PST 2004

kabileshkumar cheetancheri wrote:
> Hi
> can any one help in solving this problem
> I tried calling a java class from C using the kaffevm library files
> I got the following out put
> res = -1
> Can't create Java VM
> i have attahced my code laong with this.
> kabilesh


Many thanks for your bug report. I don't know why but a small part of 
the code has been left unfinished for JNI 1.2 (maybe by me :/). Anyway, 
I've fixed the problem in kaffe's CVS and I am able to run your program 
without modification (apart from including stdio.h and commenting a 
spurious printf).


Guilhem Lavaux.

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