[kaffe] runtime selectable threading model

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Mon Dec 13 09:41:31 PST 2004

Adam Heath wrote:
> I've just done the first test of being able to select the threading model
> kaffe will use at runtime.
> Attached you will find the my test framework.  It makes use of gcc
> __attribute__((constructor)) to do it's magic.  It can work with threading
> models compiled statically, or dynamically, transparently.
> All that is required now, is to modify all thread function calls in kaffe to
> use a global dispatch table, a setup function to load the appropriate table,
> automake lines to make modules or compile statically, as needed, and then
> it'll work.  Shouldn't be too hard to do all that.

Hi Adam,

Your code looks interesting. Though I guess we will have some problems 
to generalize the process to include boehm-gc altered thread call. If 
you look carefully to thread-impl.c you will see I've added an ifdef 
(*sigh*) to include a specific boehm includes when we want to use this 
GC (which we cannot now but will happen in a near future). The easiest 
solution is to leave the code as it is and simply disable the multi 
thread model generation if we want the boehm GC.

Just a comment...



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