[kaffe] classloader merging

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Dec 19 09:27:48 PST 2004

Hi Helmer,

It looks fine to me. I've made some modifications to makefiles/classlist 
so kjc is still able to bootstrap. So when you have committed your patch 
I'll commit mine. I'll submit a patch for class destruction/walking by 
the GC soon too (there is still a strange SEGV caught by kaffe). It 
should enable us to use boehm-gc directly if it works; and also will 
clean up the class destruction.


Guilhem Lavaux.

Helmer Krämer wrote:

>after passing my last two exams in electrical engineering last
>week I finally had the time to look at merging the class loader
>implementation from classpath again (sorry for vanishing again).
>The attached patch is an updated version (using classpath's cvs
>from this morning) and also addresses the problem with native
>libraries. Here's a short summary of the changes:
>* According to [1], the vm should throw an UnsatisfiedLinkError
>  when a library is to be loaded by two different class loaders.
>  I therefore modified external.c so it keeps track of which class
>  loader is associated with a native library. This also enables
>  us to remove the libraries associated with a class loader when
>  it is finalized.
>* I've removed java.lang.NativeLibrary and moved all code dealing
>  with native libraries (including code from java.lang.System) into
>  java.lang.Runtime. Moving code from java.lang.System has the
>  advantage that it is another step towards merging java.lang.System
>  from classpath.
>* I've kept kaffe.lang.PrimordialClassLoader for the moment, but
>  I think we should remove it later on.   
>I hope I didn't forget any files in the patch and would appreciate
>it if someone could give some feedback about it. If nobody objects,
>I'll commit it next week.
>[1] http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jni/html/design.html

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