[kaffe] Re: Weak references/Class destruction

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Dec 30 05:32:37 PST 2004

> Here is the final implementation (before commit). I have 0 regressions 
> on my laptop. BTW, I've removed
> one or two mutex protections which looks like causing a deadlock in 
> glibc when the world is suspended.
> I do not yet understand how this can be caused but removing them 
> suppresses the deadlocks and
> GCTest passes everytime I've run it here (for the time being). We'll 
> need to clear this up to check whether
> it is really a glibc bug.
> Adam, could you try it on your real SMP ?

you worked on legolas last day, which is a true SMP box and has no libc... 
and it "hangs" right now. Any more insights from that ?


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