[kaffe] bug report - intsDisabled assertion fails during make

Andy Raffle andy.raffle at ttg-netherlands.nl
Thu Feb 12 09:01:10 PST 2004

Hi. I hope this is the right place to post this. I have encountered a bug 
which only affects Kaffe 1.1.2 and above, causing builds to fail on an 
assertion, as follows (from 1.1.2)...

Making all in compile_time
make[3]: Entering directory 
lt-kaffe-bin: exception.c:306: dispatchException: Assertion `!intsDisabled()' 
make[3]: *** [ClassToInterface.class] Aborted

Hardware: HP9000/898 K370, PA-RISC 8200 (HPPA arch)
OS: Debian 3.0 (Woody), Linux 2.4.21-32


Andy Raffle
TTG Netherlands

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