[kaffe] Porting KAFFE on XScale PXA255 - Found a bug???

Nathan Carl Summers rock at gimp.org
Wed Jan 14 18:04:02 PST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Salut Gerard, Hallo Helmer,
> SP_OFFSET is used to denote the stack pointer offset, AFAIK.
> Looking at the GNU Libc sources, I see two different values of stack
> offsets, 8 without a FPU and 20 with a FPU. It seems as if we need to
> differentiate between arms with a FPU and arms without an FPU in order
> to have SP_OFFSET defined properly in each case.
> I have seen that Mono has such detection code in their CVS, so I'm
> inclined to grab it.
> Another, apparently simpler alternative might be to compile and run
> developers/sp_offset.c during configure, and use that value instead of
> putting a value in stone into md.h for a platform.

Problem: sp_offset.c just hangs on Cray, and it's not guarenteed to be
correct on othe platforms either.

Nathan Summers

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