[kaffe] Re: Re: gerneral kaffe breakage (this time hp-ux)

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Mon Jan 19 03:51:02 PST 2004

Ciao Riccardo,

thanks for your updated bug report.

Riccardo wrote:
>>The problem was a GNU Make construct in Makefile.am that HP-UX make 
>>didn't understand, I guess, so the call to the file linking program (
>>ln,  not the dynamic linker, ld ;) was called with too few arguments.
> yes, now I get:
> Making all in include
> No suffix list.
>         ln -s ../../kaffe/include/ifaddrs_compat.h ifaddrs.h
> ln: ifaddrs.h exists
> *** Error exit code 1
> should I remove ifaddr.h manually (from where?) should you add -f to 
> force ? Or is the ink being created with the wrong target ?

I'm not sure how portable -f as an option to ln is, or cp (the fallback 
if autoconf can't find ln on a system, afaik).

I've done what the gcc developers seem to do with LN_S in their 
Makefile.am files, and added || true to the LN_S line to ignore failures 
from LN_S.

So, if you've got some cycles to burn, please update and try again ;)

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