[kaffe] Javamail for Kaffe

Arnaud Vandyck arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be
Mon Jan 19 12:07:02 PST 2004

"Doug Porter" <dougporter at fastmail.fm> writes:

> On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:07:00 +0100, "Arnaud Vandyck"
> <arnaud.vandyck at ulg.ac.be> said:
>> I think javamail api is an external api
>> and has never been shipped with kaffe.
> Right, there's no javamail shipped with kaffe. That's what we're
> trying to fix.

I re-write the my sentence: Javamail API IS AN EXTERNAL API, it has
NEVER been shipped with the Sun's JDK nor JRE! NEVER! Kaffe does NOT
have to provide this API!

May it's more clear like that.

>> > Even the required Java Activation Framework is
>> > included.
>> Which one? Also the one from gnu-classpathx?
> Yes, with a bug fix or two. My memory is that classpathx JAF was
> almost flawless.
>> Why didn't you fill bug reports or send patches?.. Maybe I missed them?
> Apparently you missed them. Please see the classpathx javamail mail
> archives from September 2003.

OK, I re-read them:

>> Also, note that the license for gnu-javamail is:
>> GNU Lesser General Public
> Did you actually just say that we have to call the lgpl license the
> "GNU lgpl"? I must have misunderstood. ;)

It's in the java mail code but it seems some classes are GPL, others are




> BTW, their license was changed to the much more restrictive
> GPL-with-exception. Tiger JMail uses the lgpl.
> Arnaud, if you really need to continue this, please take it off the
> kaffe list.

It was my last mail about it ;)



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