[kaffe] KJC: [JLS 4.4.4] issue

Ito Kazumitsu kaz at maczuka.gcd.org
Thu Jul 1 15:39:04 PDT 2004


I do not whether this is a bug of kjc or a bug of the program being compiled,
the attached two files can be compiled together but not separately.

This does not happen when I use Sun's javac.

This is a problem which I found when I was compiling

bash-2.05b$ cat a/A.java 
package a;

public class A {

    public class X {

bash-2.05b$ cat a/B.java
package a;

public class B extends A {

    public class X extends A.X {
        public B.X x = new X();

bash-2.05b$ kaffe at.dms.kjc.Main a/A.java a/B.java
bash-2.05b$ kaffe at.dms.kjc.Main a/B.java
a/B.java:6: error:Variable "x" cannot be initialized by a value of type "X" [JLS 4.4.4]

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