[kaffe] KJC: [JLS 4.4.4] issue

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sun Jul 4 05:23:43 PDT 2004

Hi Ito,

I've partially identified where the bug comes from. If you compile 
everything at the same time, kjc does not use the class files. In that 
case, everything is fine because the tree describing inner classes is 
correct according to the semantics. If you first compile A.java, kjc 
builds the class file: however according to the spec you need to put X 
as an inner class of A.X at the end of the list of its own inner 
classes. So, when kjc reads back this class file to compile B.java, it 
finds a class X directly available in the context of B.X.

I think that it may be fixed by removing that last entry from the inner 
class list at the moment we load the binary class file...



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