[kaffe] Java benchmarks on different architectures

Riccardo zuse at libero.it
Thu Jul 8 03:15:03 PDT 2004


I am pleased to announce that the paper on java benchmarking I was 
working on the last months has been released [1].

I only want to state some things so that the results are NOT 
misinterpreted. Benchmarking is extremely tricky and many variables 
influence it.

- the goal was to benchmark different processors and evolutions of a 
processor. So although a Java to C comparison is done, this was not the 
final goal. Benchmarks would have been done differently if that has been 
the goal

- the benchmarks are quite small and simple. Maybe too simple to 
evidence some problems.

- C code optimization can affect the execution speed on some computers 
more than on others. As well as compiler versions. The assumptions I did 
are clearly stated (namely GCC everywhere, except on apple where the 
compiler is gcc-based, and no cpu/arch specific optimizations were 

- many things can be improved. Not all machines were benchmarked with 
all available tests due to time constraints. Where possible both Sun and 
Kaffe [2]  VMs were used. On one computer a first attempt of SableVM [3] 
was attempted too. GCJ was not used (again due to time limitations)

- different VMs behave differently on different CPU's. SO be careful in 
making architecture comparison. While for example the different results 
on Solaris/SPARC computers are very interesting (same OS, same Java SDK, 
same binaries) comparing even to the same version ported on another 
platform (say, IRIX/MIPS)  may compare more the quality of the port of 
the VM than the CPU capabilities itself. Of course the data is still 
meaningful. If you are looking for a platform where java speed is 
important and you know which VM you will use...

- if you want to run the benchmarks on your own, be careful about the 
above remarks about optimizations. Also be careful about the data size. 
I used an average size that could suit about all machines I tested on. 
BUt on fast machines the startup overhead and timing granularity may 
cause too big error. You should feel free to increase the data sizes and 
data cycles in the tests, but beware that then comparing results with 
mine is no longer possible.

If you want to discuss some choices or some results. Or if you want to 
write new benchmarks or adapt mine to other purposes, feel free to 
contact me.

- Riccardo

[1] Currently, the location of the results is:

[2] http://www.kaffe.org

[3] http://sablevm.org/news.html

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