[kaffe] Building kaffe 1.1.4 under Fedora Linux

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Jul 9 04:23:45 PDT 2004

Minh Nguyen wrote:
> Hi Guilhem, 
>     I've just erased Fedora and installed Suse 9.1
> instead. I then tried to rebuild kaffe 1.1.4 and it
> went smoothly like a breeze :-) 
>     So the bottom line is: Suse is better than Fedora!

Heh :)

Actually, it was abug I introduced in order to fix a crash on 
parisc-hpux, which only allows mprotect on mmapped memory, afaik, so I 
removed the mprotect code altogether. Given that now fedora requires ti 
do the mprotect ... well, Guilhem found the bug and fixed it in the CVS 
:) 1.1.5 should work on Fedora, too, when it comes out.

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