[kaffe] Relicensing the Verifier, and Turning it On

Rob Gonzalez rgonzale at wso.williams.edu
Tue Jul 13 15:49:06 PDT 2004

Hi Tim,

Just wondering if you wouldn't mind relicensing your contributions to the
verifier under some other, non-GPL license.  This will become more
important when I finish modularizing it/debugging it, etc.

I think that you're response pretty much covers it wonderfully :)


On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Timothy Stack wrote:

> > Looks like this will depend mainly on Tim...
> Uh, me?  Sorry, I haven't been paying attention...  If it is me, I could
> care less about legal stuff, do what you want. :)
> > Chris
> tim

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