[kaffe] jit3 style jit-{i386,m68k}.def

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Tue Jul 13 07:19:20 PDT 2004

Kiyo Inaba wrote:
> I said
>>By the way, aren't there anyone who volunteer to modify jit-xxx.def
>>to be compatible with jit3-xxx.def? Originally these two files are
>>very close, but when we remove some warning these two files (or
>>precisely speaking pairs of these files) becomes much different.
>>This make me so hard to check the behavior of jit3-m68k.def against
>># Or shall I do that? :-)
> I made patch for i386 and m68k.
> This patch works fine for i686-linux (--with-engine=jit).

Hi Kiyo,

thanks a lot for the patch, I've checked it in.

> It makes me much easier to tackle the question why jit3 for m68k
> does not work properly, in the (near) future.
> Currently, there are three more CPUs (alpha, arm, sparc) which
> support jit but not converted to this new style, and I plan to make
> mod for them later.

Thanks. I'll have a go at converting them right now, if you don't mind, 
as I want the fix the cross-compiles for debian-alpha/arm/sparc asap so 
that I can push updated tarballs to Arnaud for build testing. :)

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