[kaffe] Plans and progress

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Jul 15 18:29:47 PDT 2004

Guilhem Lavaux wrote:
> Hi,
> To the request of Jim Huang, I am posting my plans and progresses here:

Me too, with considerable delay :)

> * HP-UX/parisc (libffi): For the moment the debugging of this 
> architecture is suspended while we investigate the possibility to 
> incorporate libffi in kaffe. sysdepCallMethod has apparently some 
> problems on this architecture so we'll try later with libffi to see if 
> that solves the problems.

Yep, I want to look at how pnet does it, too.

my plans:

* switch profile support over to scheme proposed at [1]. pretty much 
done, I'll have to deal with the bignums first, though.
* make classpath's pure java big nums the default, as they can be built 
* build gmp big nums as well, if gmp is available
* use gmp.m4 from m4/gmp to detect gmp
* use bootclasspath prepending to switch between them, like my awt/swing 
patch does.
* make pthreads the default threading system. necessary for gtk peers.
* if kjc has problems compiling all of the class library at once, switch 
to jikes as the default compiler.
* in that case, fix jikes problems with the regression test suite.
* swing & awt merge from classpath, finally.

on the porting side of things:

* find a replacement function for strtod that works on irix wrt to 
Float.MIN_VALUE bug reported by riccardo. ito posted about netbsd strtod 
back last year when we had a similar convesation wrt double values. 
check the usual suspects (gnulib, gcc lib, ...)
* fix the remaining PROMOTE_* breakage in support.c. my bug :(
* merge in libffi machinery from pnet. enable it as default on linux, if 
debian tests with it are positive.
* merge in the outstanding mips (casey) & arm (helmer?) patches
* find a way to distinguish xscales with different sp_offsets. fabien 
reported that his xscale board had the same sp_offset that strong arms had.

on the merging side of things:

* merge in remaining patches in the queue. (jim's awt font stuff, 
benja's patches, older things I must have missed)
* keep kaffe in close sync with classpath (i plan to resync us once a 
week, at least)
* resync import cleanups back to classpath (started)
* resync with jaxp & gjdoc. native code fun ;)
* merge in gnu crypto & rest of jessie. check with jim pick for crypto 
* merge in gcjwebplugin. that's after swing merge.
* merge in jacorb.
* merge in xoe awts from jim huang
* merge in the non-mainstream ports (ecos, dos, beos, cris, ...)

on the code quality side of things:
* fix the -Wall warnings on all linux platforms with gcc 3.4.0/3.4.1.
* merge in arnaud's xlmized docs
* generate javadocs for class library code.

[1] http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2004-June/098494.html

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