[kaffe] Goodbye !

Fabien Renaud renaud at nentec.de
Fri Jul 16 05:03:50 PDT 2004

Hi !

These three last months, I did a practical course where I had to 
implement a Java Virtual Machine on an ARM machine.
I choose Kaffe because he is able to run awt with  qt backend. I enjoyed 
working with nice guys.
I thank dalibor, guilhem, jim and the other guys who are working on Kaffe.

Unfortunalety  I didn´t solve the bug where there is a  freeze with 
awt-qt when a window is destroyed.

At the end of this afternoon, I´ll unsubscribe to the mailing list. If 
they are some people who want to ask me something, they can with this 
adress  :
fabienrenaud at hotmail dot com

My practical is over, I have a lot of time and I think I´ll help to 
develop a game written in Java. I already know which VM I´ll use :)
In two weeks, I´ll come back in France ( unfortunately I didn´t see 
dalibor in LinuxTag).

Goodbye everybody !

P.S. I´ll stay on IRC to do a lot of bug reports ^^

P.P.S The afternoon is not over and I have some hours to send some mails :)

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