[kaffe] Threads & Boehm GC

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sat Jul 24 00:38:08 PDT 2004


It seems that the Boehm-GC needs to catch a number of pthread calls. 
This is not evident to implement in kaffe but I think I can do the 
* I'll add a new GC call getCollectorName which will return "boehm-gc" 
in this case and "kaffe-gc" for the other.
* in systems/unix-pthreads the concerned pthread calls will be replaced 
by dynamic variables to functions. These variables will be initialized 
according to the loaded GC. If it is kaffe-gc we will dynamically solve 
the natural pthread calls but in the other case we will use the boehm-gc 
calls (GC_pthread_*).

I think we will then be able to keep complete modularity and at the same 
time "boehm compliant".

Any comments ?



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