[kaffe] Strange sound problem!!!

asutosh gopinath asutosh.gopinath at lycos.com
Thu Jul 29 04:46:52 PDT 2004


I successfully ported kaffe-1.1.4 on  ARM with sound (ALSA).

when i run a wav file i get following error:

root at opbus bin# ./java MyAudio croak.wav
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: no mixer supporting this type of line: javax
.sound.sampled.DataLine$Info at 52a554[lineClass=interface javax.sound.sampled.Sour
PCM_SIGNED, 1 channel(s), 16 bit samples, 2 byte frames, 8000.0 Hz, 8000.0 frame
s/second, little endian
minBufferSize=-1 maxBufferSize=-1
   at javax.sound.sampled.AudioSystem.getLine (AudioSystem.java:415)
   at MyAudio.main (MyAudio.java:80)

What mixer is it looking for and why is it unable to find it?
Please Help!!


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