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Mon Jun 21 19:03:09 PDT 2004

be able to make it to JavaOne next year to be part of the BOF and give a
short presentation of their particular project.   I need their name,
affiliation, address, email, phone numbers and website for the proposal.

The BOFs are only 60 minutes in length and while I'm sure we could all
give length presentations about our own thing, we don't have the time
(unless Sun decide to give us our own 2 hour track - I will make
enquiries).  Per Bothner's suggestion for format seems about right to me
(essentially each group give a 5-10 minute talk, then we have an open
floor kind of thing) though I'm open to alternatives.  I will write the
abstract for the BOF and pass it round to the group representative (and
mailing list in general) for comments, but please note we have limited
time for argument.

At the moment the groups I have in mind for this are:

Japhar - Hungry Programmers
Kaffe - Transvirtual
GCJ - Cygnus
Java on Linux - "whatever umbrella they work under"
Classpath - the GNU Classpath people

There may be others but if there are I'll have to get a 2 hour slot


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  Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.,      Fax:     +1 510 704 1893
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