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Mon Jun 21 19:03:09 PDT 2004

find Java to be more interesting, simply because it's a bit more simple
than the CLR.  But that's just me.

> About me:
> "Somebody must be really stupid, to write such stuff in
> Tannenbaum-style" ;-)
> O.K, I understand everybody who thinks like this.
> I'm very provokativ, I know, sorry...
> In reality, I'm very interrested in helping Java on Linux! Its still not
> accepted by linux developers, although it would decrase security-holes,
> bugs and much development-time!
> Please feel free to tell me, what you think ybout my idea!
> Even If you can only tell me contras ;-)
> If there are some interrested people, and those would help me, maybe we
> could start a new kaffe/mono-merging project?
> Any suggestions?
> I hope you're not too angry with me, I'm an stupid schoolboy....
> Mfg Linuxhippy

Hey, if you do want to start a kaffe/mono mergeing project, I'll add a link
to the website.  Just don't expect everybody to be convinced that it's
a good idea.  But one more Kaffe-derived JVM would be great - that's
what Kaffe is there for. :-)


 - Jim

p.s. I'm writing this using Columba - a Java/SWING based mail client.
It would be nice to see this running on Kaffe...

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